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Adventure 6

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this up, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks.

Infinities 6

Adventure 5

Guys, here’s the unedited recording of session 5. Once Vern has the edited one, he’ll add/replace this one.


Adventure Log 4

Hey Guys, Here is the edited recording of our last play session. I cut out most of the dead air, out of game banter, and rules discussion. If you want the raw files you can get them from mike.

Session 4

Adventure Log 2

As the dust settled after the Heroes chased off another group of thugs dressed in nice earth toned suits, their second encounter with this group for the day. Shaelas began going about checking up on everyone and administer first aid to those he can.

Adventure Log 1

In orbit of the desert world of Tatooine, our heroes gather aboard the Corellian Corvette, Bronze Dragoon, the flagship of the Bantim independent Trade Company. Jason Kade, Kale Masterson, Raj Raj Sknib, Shaelas, and Oola Doneeta mingle amongst themselves in one of the briefing rooms aboard the ship. The stark white walls and the dark gray seats of the room make it feel drab and cold. After a few minutes of small talk, the room chimes, announcing the arrival of two men as they enter.

First into the room is a hard looking, balding, middle aged man dressed in a decent, if a little threadbare, work jumpsuit, Hairan Kahn. Kahn is the ship’s Quartermaster and third in command. Following close behind Kahn is the ship’s captain and CEO of Bantim Independent Trade Company, Zane Bantim. Bantim’s short brown hair is kept in a smart, businessman-like style. He wears an expensive looking, though tasteful, business suit and carries himself with an air of quiet dignity. His rugged, handsome face is marred by a large scar that runs from the base of his left ear, across his cheek, to the corner of his mouth.

Bantim steps behind a small podium near the front of the room, presses a few keys, and clears his throat before directing the party to have a seat with a wave of his hand. “Thank you all for coming,” he begins, “I understand that you were looking for some shore leave now that we have arrived here but I’m afraid something has come up.” he pauses a moment to collect his thoughts. “I would like to start by thanking each of you for the hard work that you have put in here on Bronze Dragoon over the last few months that you have been with us. The reports I’ve been receiving from your superiors have all been outstanding which is why you have been asked to come here. Your conduct reports have led me, and others aboard ship, to believe that your talents are being wasted on the menial tasks to which you have been assigned. It’s been decided that the five of you will be given an opportunity to prove yourselves in the field. Quartermaster Kahn will give you the details, I just wanted to make it clear to each of you that your talents have been noticed and that’s why you are here.” With a smile and a nod he exchanges places with Kahn.

Kahn clears his throat, punches a few keys on the podium, activating the holo-projector at the front of the room. A clear and sharp image of a Bolasar Male comes view. “This is Barin Trevina,” Kahn starts, “Two weeks ago we received a message from him implying that he had come across information regarding the location of an artifact in which an anonymous client of ours has expressed interest. The message was brief and to the point, but left us with the impression that Barin may have gotten himself in a little over his head. Our suspicions seemed to be confirmed when he failed to make contact with us when we arrived here. You’re job is to track Barin down, and if possible locate and retrieve the artifact that he is looking for.”

At this point the party had a few questions for Kahn:

What is this artifact he was looking for? It’s called The Fell Star, a medallion or pendent in the shape of a seven pointed star rumored to have been lost centuries ago.

Will there be any imperial interest in this item? Who can say? Given the Empire’s recent tendency to search for and confiscate anything they feel like calling contraband, at the moment your guess is as good as mine. It would be best to avoid any Imperial entanglements.

Do we have any leads on Barin’s whereabouts? We know that at one time Barin lived with his cousin, Olev, here on Tatooine. Olev lives somewhere in Mos Eisley, but that’s about all we know. You’ll have to track down his exact whereabouts once you’re planet side.

How do we get around? A shuttle is waiting to ferry you to the surface. Once you’re there, you’re on your own. You’re a resourceful bunch though, I’m sure you’ll manage.

How do we contact you when the Job is done? Use this comm freq. (uploads frequency to one of players data-pads) over normal HoloNet channels, if you can get through, with updates. Encryption tends to raise Imperial eyebrows, so no details.

How much are we getting paid for this? For bringing Barin back 2500cr, plus another 2500 if you recover the artifact.

Can you render any assistance? Of course, feel free to requisition anything you may need before leaving.

After satisfying themselves with Kahn, he wishes them good luck and sends them on their way. Most of the party heads off toward the shuttle, however Shaelas makes his way to the infirmary. After a little small talk with the chief medical officer, Shaelas secures a few medpacs and heads off to meet his comrades in the docking bay to board the shuttle.

The party steps off the shuttle’s loading ramp into the oppressive, dry heat of the afternoon suns of Tatooine. As the party makes it’s way out of spaceport, they see for themselves why Mos Eisley is regarded through out the galaxy as a great place to lay low. Hundreds of species are represented in the masses that mill about the port. Street vendors hawk their wares and urchins run rampant, while destitute drifters seek refuge from the heat in the scant shadows. The party begins to discuss how they will go about finding Olev, while Oola finds a public terminal and finds his address. Jason tries to make a case that if this guy can be found in the public directory, it’s unlikely he will have any useful information. The rest of the party disagrees or believes that it is worth a shot, and decide to check it out, dragging Jason along.

The trip to Olev’s apartment on the outskirts of town would take a long time and would seem even longer with the heat of the suns beating down on them. The party wisely hails a cab. On the ride there, they notice that the quality of the structures around them becomes worse and worse until finally the cab drops them off near the entrance to a large apartment block in a lower working class part of town.

When they finally arrive at the address listed they notice immediately a parked land-speeder near by with a perfect view of the front door. Jason and Kale begin to make their way around the back of the apartment and find a back door. Oola takes up a position next to the house in order to observe the idling speeder. Raj parks herself across the street from the front door of the house. Shaelas takes some cover across the street near Raj.

Jason and Kale, crouching near the back door, hear raised voices coming from inside the apartment. Springing into action, Jason runs around to finish his circuit of the building and tries to signal Oola to go in the front with silent hand signals. Oola, either not understanding or not caring, refuse to move from her spot. Frustrated Jason runs back around the apartment, tells Kale to go in when the shooting starts, then runs to the front and kicks in the door.

At this point, combat ensues as Jason meets a hail of blaster fire from inside the apartment. Two thugs, dressed in moderate earth toned apparel, open up on him. Jason returns fires, striking one of the assailants in the the chest, while Kale slips in the back door. Oola continues to watch the parked speeder, looking for any signs of aggression, and Raj and Shaelas scamper across the street to render aid to the slightly wounded Jason. From inside the kitchen area, Kale sees a blurred humanoid figure streak by the door crying out in terror, fleeing the battle zone. The fire fight continues at the front door with both thugs focused on the obvious intruders. Kale succeeds in sneaking his way into the living room and makes an attack from behind on one of the thugs. Jason finishes off the thug that had dealt him the wound, and Raj steps in to the building and deals a massive blow to last thug as he turns to deal with the melee combatant, Kale, behind him. Oola observes the speeder begin to move off and makes her way around the back of the build to render aid to her allies within. Jason and Kale are shocked at the tingle in the base of their skulls as the last opponent draws heavily on the force, unleashing all his anger and hate in the form of Force Lightning. The bolt strikes Kale square in the chest, dropping him to near unconsciousness, before the thug tries to flee through the back door. Outside he is summarily gunned down by Oola before he can make good his escape.

As the dust settles, Shaelas sees to the injured and renders first aid to Kale. Jason begins coaxing a terrified Olev out of his closet. Oola discovers the thug she finished off is merely unconscious and enlists the aid of Raj to drag him into the apartment. Olev, convinced the party doesn’t wish to harm him timidly comes out of the closet to survey the damage to his home. Chairs are over turned, debris is scattered all over the floor. He shakes his head and begins the process of cleaning up his home. The heroes begin to ask him questions regarding Barin.

Have you seen Barin? I told Barin things would come to this. But he just wouldn’t listen. When we escaped Bolasar, I took the opportunity to make a new life for myself here. I hoped Barin would do the same. [sighs heavily] Now look at the mess he’s got himself into. I’ve not seen him in a while now.

Do you have any clue where he may be? Now that I think about it, yeah. [goes to Barin’s room and fetches a Command Cylinder] He told me before he left that if someone came looking for him, someone not trying to kill him that is, to give them this. [hands over the Command Cylinder, which upon further inspection seems to belong to a locker at a storage facility called “Kie’s Storage”] Not sure what it goes to, but there you have it. Also, there’s a Twi-lek Barin used to run with named Celo N’ero. He frequents the WooDoo Dunes cantina. Never really like the spacehead. Fancies himself hot-stuff, but he’s nothing more than a petty spice dealer.

After answering their questions, Olev tells that party he intends to pack a few things and lay low at a friends house for a while. “’til all this hub-bub passes,” he says.

Then the party turns their attention to the thug that they have captured. Shaelas take a look at him and discovers that his wounds are grievous and will require medical attention, so he renders first aid. The man is slow in regaining consciousness but eventually becomes alert enough to face some questioning from the party.

After a mostly useless bit of interrogation the party struggles with what to do with the guy. Oola suggests offing him since he has seen the parties faces. Jason argues that doing so is a little harsh. The two of them squabble for a bit until it is finally decided to bind the guy up and throw him in the closet. Leaving Olev’s apartment, the party discusses what to do next, and decides to check out Kie’s Storage. On the ride there Oola and Jason continue to discuss the merits of leaving prisoners alive.

Travel to Kie’s Storage is uneventful. The twin suns of Tatooine have continued their descent toward the horizon. It is still blazing hot, but the shadows have lengthened giving slightly less negligible relief from the heat. Several vagrants sit along the building begging alms from those who pass-by. Inside, a bored looking Rodian adolescent male stands behind the clerks counter and gives a long deep sigh as the party enters the building. He gives the party directions to the locker, which is easy to find in the small storage facility. The full length locker opens easily with the use of the command cylinder. The indicator flashes from red to green and a soft click is heard as the locking mechanism releases. The door opens to reveal a completely empty locker except for a single data-pad resting in the center of the locker’s floor.

The data-pad itself also is empty except a single set of galactic coordinates labeled, “Nadir.” “I guess we’re going to where ever this Nadir place is.” Jason says just as he notices a man, in similar dress as the men at Olev’s apartment, step around the corner of the hallway and open fire on the party.

Most of the group is caught unaware as blaster bolts ring out from up and down the hallway, catching them in a fearsome crossfire. Jason and Raj are able to return fire immediately but the rest of the party is a little slow on the draw. Jason and Raj take on two thugs on one side of the party while Oola and Kale take on the thug on the other side. Shaelas takes cover for himself inside the open locker. The firefight continues for a while, becoming quite the stalemate with neither side doing much damage to the other. Raj and Kale take a few glancing blaster bolts, drawing Shaelas from his cover in order to give aid to his allies. The fierce fire-fight continues until finally Jason and Raj are able to cause enough harm to one of their adversaries that he begins to flee. Kale, having enough of the combat decided to wield the power of the force against these foes. Reaching out with the force, Kale engulfs his opponent in the swirling maelstrom of Force Whirlwind. On the other side of the battlefield, trying to cover the escape of his ally, one of the thugs strikes with the Force himself. Sparks of raw energy arch up his arm and out his finger tips striking Raj with tremendous power, and nearly knocking her to unconsciousness. He turns and flees, Jason pursuing. Taken off his feet and tumbling about inside Kale’s Whirlwind, the final thug desperately lashes out with the force. He hits Kale’s foot, causing minor injury, but it is enough to break Kale’s concentration. The thug falls to the floor with a thud where he is finished off by Oola. Kale gathers himself and rushes down the hall to cut of the escape of the other thugs. Both of them call on the force to aid their escape with a surge of strength and are quickly outside the building, rushing by Kale who is unable to stop them. Oola attempts to pursue but gives up when she sees the distance between them and her. We leave the heroes with questions, Who are these men? Where is Barin Trevina? What is Nadir?

Off Table Role-playing

Hey guys, Please remember to come up with a story of how your character met up with at least two of the other characters in the party. In order to encourage role-playing between the characters I’m going to award some bonuses to your characters when you role-play your initial encounter with one of the other PCs. As an example, I’d like to post this little tid-bit that occurred between Jimbo’s Character, Kale Masterson, and Curt’s Character, Jason Kade. Enjoy

Jimbo: You’re in a local cantina on a strange planet. You pass by a normal looking human when you feel a strong disturbance in the force. He looks at you and says “I never thought Id find a sensie on this podunk back water planet. Whats your name newbie?”

Jason Kade: Newbie? Look who’s talkin bantha fodder. The name is Jason Kade, and I don’t take kindly to sensie, people have been killed for the possibility of bein one

Kale Masterson: So I’ve heard. My name is Kale Masterson. I meant no disrepect sir. (he gives a sharp salute)sorry about that old habbit

Jason Kade: They die hard don’t they? Bah, I over reacted. Here let me buy you a drink. Where you from?

Kale Masterson: Thanks for the drink. As for where im from…(thinks for a minut) I think its called Tatooine. My family moved alot so that was the last planet i was on.

Jason Kade: Hmm not much on that planet, but I know what you mean. I am a nomad myself, I can’t remember the name of the last one I was on, after a period they all kind of blend together.

Kale Masterson: Yes they do indeed. I’m trying to decide where to go from here.

Jason Kade: Yeah me too

Kale Masterson: Do you know any one else on this planet?

Jason Kade: Well, I might but you can never tell who is on which planet anymore. So the answer is a solid maybe.

Kale Masterson: You know of any good teachers I’ve been trying to teach myself but i still only know what i first learned

Jason Kade: I am not at liberty to say, such people prefer their secrecy, but I imagine they would approach you.

Kale Masterson: I didn’t get much training i just wanted to continue learning

Jason KadeWhy don’t we stick together, we might be able to learn something from each other.

Kale Masterson: I like that idea. Are you planing on leaving this planet?

Jason KadeEventually

Kale Masterson: Good! I cant’s Stand the locals (Mumbles Something about not likeing aliens)

Jason Kade: They’re a bit abrasive… But they aren’t all bad…

Kale Masterson: I’m trying to break some bad upbringing. Old habits die hard though, but I’ve already said that.

Isn’t that Awesome!? This little bit of role-playing happened over a series of texts. That is so sweet it hurts. Anyway, If the rest of you would like to try something like this, go for it. Do it over txt or email or however you want. Get it to me somehow and I will put it up here for all of us to enjoy. Also, I’m thinking about setting up a forum for us to use for this kind of thing. But I’m not going to do it if you aren’t going to use it. Let me know what you guys think.

Congrats to Jimbo and Curt! 25xp bonus awarded to Jason and Kale. You Guys rock!


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