Vern's Star Wars Infinities Campaign

Off Table Role-playing

Hey guys, Please remember to come up with a story of how your character met up with at least two of the other characters in the party. In order to encourage role-playing between the characters I’m going to award some bonuses to your characters when you role-play your initial encounter with one of the other PCs. As an example, I’d like to post this little tid-bit that occurred between Jimbo’s Character, Kale Masterson, and Curt’s Character, Jason Kade. Enjoy

Jimbo: You’re in a local cantina on a strange planet. You pass by a normal looking human when you feel a strong disturbance in the force. He looks at you and says “I never thought Id find a sensie on this podunk back water planet. Whats your name newbie?”

Jason Kade: Newbie? Look who’s talkin bantha fodder. The name is Jason Kade, and I don’t take kindly to sensie, people have been killed for the possibility of bein one

Kale Masterson: So I’ve heard. My name is Kale Masterson. I meant no disrepect sir. (he gives a sharp salute)sorry about that old habbit

Jason Kade: They die hard don’t they? Bah, I over reacted. Here let me buy you a drink. Where you from?

Kale Masterson: Thanks for the drink. As for where im from…(thinks for a minut) I think its called Tatooine. My family moved alot so that was the last planet i was on.

Jason Kade: Hmm not much on that planet, but I know what you mean. I am a nomad myself, I can’t remember the name of the last one I was on, after a period they all kind of blend together.

Kale Masterson: Yes they do indeed. I’m trying to decide where to go from here.

Jason Kade: Yeah me too

Kale Masterson: Do you know any one else on this planet?

Jason Kade: Well, I might but you can never tell who is on which planet anymore. So the answer is a solid maybe.

Kale Masterson: You know of any good teachers I’ve been trying to teach myself but i still only know what i first learned

Jason Kade: I am not at liberty to say, such people prefer their secrecy, but I imagine they would approach you.

Kale Masterson: I didn’t get much training i just wanted to continue learning

Jason KadeWhy don’t we stick together, we might be able to learn something from each other.

Kale Masterson: I like that idea. Are you planing on leaving this planet?

Jason KadeEventually

Kale Masterson: Good! I cant’s Stand the locals (Mumbles Something about not likeing aliens)

Jason Kade: They’re a bit abrasive… But they aren’t all bad…

Kale Masterson: I’m trying to break some bad upbringing. Old habits die hard though, but I’ve already said that.

Isn’t that Awesome!? This little bit of role-playing happened over a series of texts. That is so sweet it hurts. Anyway, If the rest of you would like to try something like this, go for it. Do it over txt or email or however you want. Get it to me somehow and I will put it up here for all of us to enjoy. Also, I’m thinking about setting up a forum for us to use for this kind of thing. But I’m not going to do it if you aren’t going to use it. Let me know what you guys think.

Congrats to Jimbo and Curt! 25xp bonus awarded to Jason and Kale. You Guys rock!



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