• Barin Trevina

    Barin Trevina

    About 5' 6" slim build, Long dark brown hair, brown eyes, smooth features, Has a nervous look about him.
  • Darth Krayt

    Darth Krayt

    A brooding, dark figure with a masked face. His flowing black robes make his exact physiology difficult to assess, though he appears to be have a slim athletic build
  • Hairan Kahn

    Hairan Kahn

    Middle aged with a look of hardness about him. His brownish hair is thinning on top and has begun taking on a hint of gray at his temples. He is usually seen in functional work clothes.
  • Olev Trevina

    Olev Trevina

    Runtish and twitchy, Olev stands about 5'5" with short blondish redish hair. His antennae stalks as well as his face always seem to have a droopy look to them.
  • Zane Bantim

    Zane Bantim

    He stands about 6 feet tall with a medium fit build. His ruggedly handsome face is marred by a scar running from the base of his left ear, across his cheek, to the corner of his mouth. He has brown hair and blue eyes.