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  • Adventure Log 1

    In orbit of the desert world of Tatooine, our heroes gather aboard the Corellian Corvette, [[Bronze Dragoon]], the flagship of the Bantim independent Trade Company. [[:54418 | Jason Kade]], [[:56737 | Kale Masterson]], [[:55800 | Raj Raj Sknib]], Shaelas, …

  • Adventure Log 2

    As the dust settled after the Heroes chased off another group of thugs dressed in nice earth toned suits, their second encounter with this group for the day. Shaelas began going about checking up on everyone and administer first aid to those he can.

  • Adventure Log 4

    Hey Guys, Here is the edited recording of our last play session. I cut out most of the dead air, out of game banter, and rules discussion. If you want the raw files you can get them from mike. "Session 4":http://www.mediafire.com/?hn2nrwjcjny